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Good Gravy   GOOD GRAVY

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This is a family owned and operated restaurant with great prices, friendly service and excellent food. They feature an unbelievable choice of homemade gravies (40+).


They offer an extensive breakfast and lunch menu featuring fluffy biscuits, one of the best chicken fried steaks in Oklahoma City, fresh cut french fries, and specialty burgers. All items are also available on our to go menu.

They have breakfast and lunch specials Monday thru Friday. Our lunch specials even include dessert! Also, we have “Free Fudge” weekends for our customers to say ”Thank You for your continuing patronage.”



I love gravy. How could I not try a place that features 15+ different gravies? I had lunch here today since it was more-or-less on the way between the airport and home.

I got there around 1:15pm and left close to 2pm. I got the (hand breaded) chicken fried steak, mashers, and green beans. The green beans were pretty good. The mashers were excellent; there were a lot of them, and they were, shall we say, lightly mashed, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. Then there was the CFS. It was almost perfect. The breading was a good complement to the beffy, tasty, fork-tender beef. That was a CFS I could have cooked at home. The only thing I counted the CFS down was that the thing was just a little overcooked (or possibly, the oil it was cooked in needed to be changed or filtered). But that was minor. To finish it off, the CFS, which defaults to cream gravy, came with sausage gravy at my request, yum! Since the CFS was a lunch special, it came with dessert; I chose a cube of yellow chocolate cake that was very good.

The tea was perfect, great stuff. Service was fast and very friendly. My check was $10.82. I will be back!

Much like any big-boned, homegrown Southern boy, I like cream gravy! So, I was pretty excited when I first learned of Good Gravy Diner. This home-style diner is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week and located on Western Avenue just north of Wilshire in a small strip mall. There’s nothing terribly unique about the exterior or interior here, but it’s tasty, friendly, clean and they’ve got a whole bunch of gravy, all great qualities if you ask me.

My first visit to Good Gravy was just a few weeks after they opened. At that time they just had four gravies on their menu. Now, that may not seem like a lot for a place claiming to specialize in gravy but, hey, it’s at least two more gravies than any other breakfast place I know of in Oklahoma City.

Well it’s been a little over a year since that first visit and Good Gravy now offers 43 gravies. That’s right, forty-three! To really appreciate the significance of 43 gravies, you need to take a quick look at their gravy menu. So, we’ve posted a photo of it for you here.

As you can see, this is some serious gravy dedication. Choosing a gravy here is kind of like building a Sonic drink by assembling your favorite flavors all into one amazing product. Except, instead of just naming the flavors you want, you have to look for the right combination on the gravy menu. Gravies three through forty are simply variations on a few basic meat and veggie combinations. It’s likely you’ll find the combination you want listed in there. Gravies 45 through 47 are specialty gravies that are only available on the weekends (including #47: Chocolate Gravy!).

Yes, I know you’re thinking “That’s 47, not 43!” but for some reason numbers 41 through 44 on the gravy menu are either unused or have been abandoned. I don’t know which. As a cook myself, I know I’ve made a few recipes that just didn’t work out. So, maybe that’s what happened to long-lost gravies 41 through 44.

Anyway, back when they offered only four gravies, you could order a gravy sampler that came with all four. I don’t think anyone could do that with 43 gravies (though it would make for a good food challenge and I would be more than happy to give it a try), so, unfortunately, the sampler option is no longer on the menu. Probably for the best in my case.

On my most recent visit I ordered the Breakfast at Large which comes with two eggs, two bacon strips, ham, a sausage patty, hashbrowns, plus two biscuits and gravy for $8.99 (see a pic). It was a good amount of food for the price. My only minor complaint would be that the sausage patty was very thin — about the thickness of a slice of Canadian Bacon. But, it was tasty and, like I said, there was plenty of food.

With this order, I chose the jalapeno-onion-sausage gravy to go with my biscuits. Now, I love jalapenos and I love sausage gravy, but I had never once considered putting the two together until I visited Good Gravy Diner. Sheer genius, I say! The onions were a nice addition as well because, you know what? I love onions, too! It’s like they created this combo just for me. Whoever is responsible for this deserves the Nobel Gravy Prize, in my opinion!

The biscuits were large and appeared to be made from scratch. They were fluffy and not too heavy. They were served with an excellent gravy-to-biscuit ratio — not a gravy-less bite to be had (see a pic)!

The menu at Good Gravy Diner also offers ten burger options as well as a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, some salads (for those who feel guilty about eating good diner food – see a pic), and several diner platter lunch options. I’ve been to Good Gravy once for lunch and tried the Chicken Fried Steak sandwich ($7.99). It was a large sandwich served with fries and I found it to be quite tasty and filling.

The three times I’ve dined at Good Gravy the service and the food have been consistently good. I was happy to see the place really hopping on the last Saturday morning I went. The parking lot was full and there were only a couple of empty seats. Despite the crowd, the service was very quick. Our orders were promptly taken and arrived at our table sooner than I expected.


Good Gravy Diner ranks right up there as one of my top spots for breakfast in Oklahoma City. Have you been? Let me know what you think and which gravy you like the best in the comments below.



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