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Beverly's Pancake House


3315 NW Expressway

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Pancakes, flapjacks, griddlecakes — whatever you call them, they’re the cornerstone of an American breakfast. There also hundreds of variations worldwide, from French crepes to Slavic blins. But to find a great sampling some of the variations you only need to come to Beverly's

In 1936, Beverly and Rubye Osborne began what has become a 80 Year long tradition. Through several changes, including location, this restaurant consistently serves up a variety of pancakes for a reasonable price. While there are several options, there’s no shame in going for a classic, and Beverly’s blueberry short stack is just that. The pancakes are bursting with blueberries that are actually in the batter, not served on top of plain pancakes (like some imitators). Beverly's is “historic,” in the truest since. You can't think of Historic OKC  without speaking of Beverly’s Pancake Corner, still thriving at the corner of Northwest Expressway and Independence in Oklahoma City. This location is actually the “newest” Beverly’s in years, as the restaurant moved down the street from its original Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania location in 2006.

Current owner Renaee Masoudy is as much of the  tradition and history of her business as the name is – she has been part of Beverly’s since 1988 purchased the location on Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania in 1995.  She and her team make a great breakfast, including a sampler breakfast. The "original" pancake sandwich;  we proudly serve Beverly's own creation: Chicken in the Rough, the world's first franchised chicken dish."

For an all around great American/Oklahoma tradition come in an try any one of Beverly's breakfast, lunches, dinners to experience that down home goodness that comes from traditions. And be sure to try our "Chicken in the Rough."

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Hours of Operation:   24 hours


Always open for your convenience!