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2251 E. 21st Street
Wichita, OK 67218

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The title stands for “Taste of Philadelphia Style,” and the restaurant will specialize in Philly cheesesteak sandwiches made with meat shipped in from The Original Philly Cheesesteak Co. in Philadelphia. The restaurant also will serve chicken cheesesteak, several styles of hoagie sandwiches and breakfast items such steak and eggs, omelets, home fries and grits.

On Friday nights, the restaurant will serve dinner specials such as barbecue ribs with collard greens.

Bernard Knowles: Owner of T.O.P.S. knows Philly cheesesteak sandwiches because he grew up in Philadelphia. He also knows the restaurant business because his parents owned a barbecue place in Philly for years, and helped run it. Knowles, who works in his regular life as a general contractor, has opened a business that will utilize all that knowledge; Equal parts flavor, feel, freshness, appearance, and attitude, Original Philly guarantees a straight-up, in-your-face cheesesteak.

Chances are, if you’ve ever chomped into a cheesesteak, you’ve had a Taste of Philadelphia Style cheesesteak.  They have been at the center of the world’s growing infatuation of cheesesteaks for over three decades.

Of course, nobody offers just a “cheesesteak”.  It’s always “Philly cheesesteak” or “Philly-style”—no matter where it comes from.  First, the cheesesteak is more of an experience than a meal.  The rhythmic chop-chop of the spatula, the thick aroma of onions grilling, the clamor of folks with mouths watering.  And then the ride—that thrill of the first bite, and eventually the satisfied acceptance of the last.

It’s just different with a burger or a hoagie or a reuben or a BLT.  They’re all good, but…different.  The cheesesteak is a treat.  A bit of an indulgence.  And for some, a ritual—a tried-and-true feast that says, “Game on!” Yep, the cheesesteak is truly a sensation, and we’re one of the original mainstays.  A trailblazer.  A constant.  A standard of quality.  And a stamp of authenticity. T.O.P.S. will give you a great taste for a great price. Come try us out!


Mon - Wed:   8:00am - 4:00pm

Thurs - Sat:   8:00am - 7:00pm



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