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Ranch Steak House


3000 W Britton Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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Ranch Steakhouse is Oklahoma City’s original Prime Steakhouse. We like to treat our guests as we would old friends, providing exceptional food, warm hospitality and southern comfort…unbridled

As Oklahoma City’s finest restaurant since 1999, Ranch Steakhouse’s unwavering commitment to providing our guests a first class dining experience remains unsurpassed. Everything in the original design concept was realized in the selection of interior finishes, fixtures and artwork contributing to Ranch Steakhouse’s opulent “old world” atmosphere which continues to be a destination for a diverse clientele that is second to none. We are also proud to offer the finest in restaurant service. Our highly qualified, diverse teams understand the importance of complete guest satisfaction that continues our success as a first class dining destination.



Our Prime Story

As Oklahoma City’s finest since 1999, we’re proud to offer a unique menu featuring 'Oklahoman home grown' items from local and independent producers around us.

The impeccable care that goes into our prime graded cattle before it arrives to Ranch Steakhouse is matched only by the care we take in preparing it for our guests. Every afternoon you’ll find an extraordinary menu featuring 100% USDA Certified Prime tenderloins and rib-eyes being skillfully prepared and cut by hand for each guest who dines with us. Our exceptional chef-driven cuisine consists entirely of custom aged hand cut Prime Beef, which is something that is not offered at many steakhouses in the country. Along with the Premium Natural Beef that is born, raised and fed here in Oklahoma, we also buy direct from small packers in Chicago and Colorado, the finest Prime Beef that Nebraska has to offer. From custom in-house dry aged beef, Grade 10 Kobe and locally raised Bison, we have dedicated ourselves to serving only the best.



Mon - Sat:    5:30pm - 10:00pm

Sun:     5:30pm - 9:00pm

Bar Opens: 5:00pm





                                                    Some of Our Fine Desserts

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