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The Flying Pig BBQ & Mobile Smokehouse

Are we a food truck?  

Well, kind of.  We have a mobile smokehouse with a self contained mobile commercial kitchen.  Food trucks don't lend themselves to things like large steel smokers and fast preparation.  Instead the meats have to be slow cooked over hardwoods and fruit woods.  So instead of a truck, we have a 28' custom trailer.  

 Are we a catering company? 

Again, kind of.  We can provide catering and to go services for your party or event.  If there is something we don't provide or specialize in we can help you find it and help get it arranged for you.  After all, it's your party, why should you have to make all the arrangements?  Just call or email us and let us know your ideas and let us take some of the burden off of you so you can relax and enjoy.

 What kind of BBQ do you do?  

No matter where you are from, everyone has their opinion on what makes great BBQ.  Whether it's Texas style brisket, Carolina style pulled pork, or Memphis and Kansas City style ribs, they all have a one thing in common.  BBQ is one of the greatest foods that Americans are passionate about.  At The Flying Pig BBQ we believe great BBQ starts with great meat, great rubs and spices, and smoking meat over real organically certified hardwood fires.  From there the sauces, sides and extras can be added, but the basics have to come first and can't be substituted or shortcuts taken.

 Come see us soon for some of the best BBQ in Oklahoma City and Central Oklahoma, or even better let us cater your special event.  We can help with something as small as take out or full service catering.  If we can't provide it, we will help you find the resources so you don't have to.