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5920 S Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

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Convenience Store · Food & Restaurant  Gas Station ·

Stillwater-based OnCue is a growing innovator in the Oklahoma convenience store market.   In 2016, we celebrate 50 years in business.  From our humble beginnings in 1966, we have expanded to more than 65 locations today and expect to add approximately 200 new jobs in Oklahoma this year.  In addition to offering Phillips 66 Top Tier Gasoline, we have embraced CNG as an alternative domestic fuel and strive to lead the effort in innovative new fields.

In this fast-paced environment, our friendly and outgoing employees help separate us from the rest.  We strive to provide the ultimate customer service experience, a common goal for our more than 900 employees.  We value honesty and respect for others, and are grateful to our customers and the local communities we call home.


OnCue is more...A lot more!!!

OnCue is more than a place to gas up. With our well-lit fuel canopies and our security systems, you will stay safe and dry while filling up your car AND your stomach.

OnCue fountain is more than just coffee and soda. With numerous selections of fountain drinks, coffee, cappuccino, Freezee-Cue, and flavor shots to customize them all, it’s more than a fountain drink, it’s YOUR drink, YOUR way.

OnCue offers more than just snack food! With our Roller Grills, Subways, Simple Simons Pizzas, Chicken delis, and Yogurt bars, we can satisfy your craving.


OnCue offers an array of Healthy Food items:   Fresh Fruit, Healthy Eats, Sandwiches, Veggie Cups, Salads, Stuffed Breadsticks, and Yogurt Bars


OnCue fuel is more than just your average gas. All of our fuel is quality guaranteed with a fuel buffet that includes 100% gas, E-10, E-85, Diesel, and CNG.


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(15) SUBWAYS located within our On Cue's

DRIVE-THRU's available at most locations

Open 24 hours


We offer several specialty bars:                                                                 
Healthy Eats                  12 Cappuccino flavors
Lunch-n-go                     8 Flavor Shots
cold treats                      Freeze cues
fresh fruit                       Roller grill
24 soda fountains



  snacks                                         stiks