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1121 NW 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

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A southwest classic with a nice outdoor dinning experience. We offer a covered patio with lots of seating to entertain large parties. We offer a unique style of Mexican food. It is neither Tex-Mex nor totally authentic, but is based on the American style of Mexican food that is popular in California.  California style Mexican food has become a style of its own with some dishes prepared a little differently than one would expect from Mexico. Flavorful and healthier than average recipes that go along with the fresh vegetables and ingredients grown in the state of Oklahoma.

Mamasita's offers a unique blend of California style, with strong flavors using totally fresh state vegitables. Our Prices are reasonable , and portion sizes are extremely large. A house favorite is Tortilla soup; Blue corn enchiladas served stacked with red sauce instead of sour cream makes a nice substitute. Mamasita’s offers an assortment of tasty platters, delicious Mexican specialties, and a selection of 25 different tacos. Give your mouth a soupy gift with a cup of black-bean chili, whose broth features ground beef, black beans, cheddar, and jalapeños.

We are kid friendly yet have a nice family style bar area for the more adventurous. And be sure to join us on our large patio for a quick lunch or a nice cool leisurely evening.


Mon - Sun:   11:00am - 9:30pm


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