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Yakimono Japanese Grill


3131 W. Memorial
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

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Habachi. The Japanese term for foods (usually meat) that are grilled, broiled or pan-fried. The ingredients are generally either marinated in sauce or salted. They're then skewered so they retain their shape and grilled over a hot fire so the skin (if any) is very crisp while the meat stays tender and juicy. Yakitori is a specific type of yakimono dish using chicken.

Here at Yakimono we pride ourselves in presenting a Japenese style flair, yet Americanized for those just acquainting themselves with true Japanese cuisine. We here at Yakimono are a  fast food style Japanese restaurant that specializes in hibachi grill cooking and sushi rolls. Steak, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian dinners are available along with miso soup, salad, and appetizers. We keep our décor modern, yet simple Japenese in the American sense which helps keep the place clean and our  staff are always happy and very nice.

One of our best features at Yakimono is our  comfortable setting, and I  the fact that you can get good food in a hurry. It is not that we take shortcuts, but that our  type of food cooks quickly. Orders are taken at the counter and we bring it to the table when it is ready, but  be prepared to pick up your own items such as extra napkins.

 First time patrons should try the Miso Soup, which comes as a complimentary appetizer with some of the dinners. A good vegetarian dishe is less flavorful than meat items, so the Tofu Special Dinner is  a good test of our restaurant's true flavor and quality. The most impressive thing about this are the vegetables, with a fresh flavor and a good mixtures of different items. (customers are given a mustard and a ginger sauce to pour over the food as desired).  The flavor of the vegetables, the side dish of fried rice, and the overall quantity of food makes this a good deal that I would recommend to start off with. We serve very healthy and good quality dishes. Service is quick and served with a smile. Families are welcome.



Mon - Sun:   11:00am - 9:00pm